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The textile division of Grand Strategy specializes in providing apparel, fabrics and linens to Federal, State and Local Governments, as well as to commercial clients throughout the United States.

We are proud to have won the Veterans Affairs National Mandatory Contracts for Towels and Washcloths to be provided to VA Medical Centers in the United States. Additionally, Grand Strategy has multiple contracts with the States of Michigan and California to provide fabric and linens including, but not limited to:

  • Polyester Mesh
  • Sheets and Sheeting Fabric
  • Twill Knit Fabrics
  • Broadcloth Fabric
  • Pillowcases
  • Bed Pads
  • Knitted Fitted Sheets
  • Blankets

Grand Strategy is also an authorized dealer for Fashion Seal Healthcare (Superior Uniform Group), offering a wide assortment of Patient Apparel, Ancillary Healthcare Apparel, Lab Coats and Protect Apparel. Currently, Grand Strategy is supplying that apparel to hospitals throughout the Midwestern United States.  Additionally, Grand Strategy is capable of servicing all of its customers’ uniform and brand apparel needs, no matter what the industry.

In short, Grand Strategy is capable of servicing its customers’ entire textile and apparel needs.  Grand Strategy, as a single source supplier, effectively acts as a clearinghouse for its customers’ textile and apparel purchasing departments, resulting in predictable, reliable and accountable sourcing of those products.

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